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My personal GitHub page

Visit my github page at https://github.com/kaboudian/ for my publicly available codes.


For code and documentation on my WebGL 2.0 library for scientific computing visit https://abubujs.org. I frequently add documentation and training materials to this website.

WebGL for Numerical PDEs Online Course

This is a special course for graduate students at the GT-SCE that was offered during Fall 2020 semester. The course is designed around my computational library Abubu.js to teach Numerical PDEs. The course was delivered online and all the course material including the lecture videos can be found at this github page.

Live and source codes for cardiac models, fluid flow, and crystal growth solvers

See the live version of the codes used in this Science Advances article from the following link:


You can also download the source code for the codes from here.

Live codes for study of fractals, wave propagation, and cardiac dynamics f

See the source code for this review article from the link below: