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Courses taught and co-taught

WebGL for Numerical PDEs (Online Course)

This is a special course for graduate students at the GT-SCE that was offered during Fall 2020 semester. The course is designed around my computational library Abubu.js to teach Numerical PDEs. The course was delivered online and all the course material including the lecture videos can be found at this github page. The course covers:

Computational Physics

This is a course that Dr. Flavio Fenton and I revitalized at Georgia Tech to utilize the bleeding edge technologies to teach computational techniques to solve real-world physics problems. We have taught this course three years in a row (Springs 2018, 2019, 2020). The course is graded based on continuous assessment and a final project. By the end of the semester the student should learn how to apply modern tools and techniques in HPC, GP-GPU, and interactive programming to solve the most advance topics in physics including but not limited to:

The experience has been very rewarding at the end of each semester when the students submit their final projects. With each batch, the students are so inspired, that we see a wide range of problems that usually would be considered beyond the scope of a course such as this one.

Introductory Physics I

This is an algebra based course at Kennesaw State University. I have taught this course in Spring 2020 and will be teaching again in Spring 2021. The course covers introductory topics on balance of forces, kinematics and kinetics in linear and rotational motion. The students learn to apply Newton's laws as well as conservation laws to analyze and solve basic problems.

Introductory Physics II

This is an algebra based course at Kennesaw State University. I have taught this course multiple times (Spring and Fall 2018, Spring and Fall 2019, and Fall 2020). The course covers introductory topics on static charges, electromagnetism, AC and DC circuits, electromagnetic waves, and modern physics.